The aim of the Research Practice subject area is:

To provide interdisciplinary courses in the practice of research. Courses cover the development of research questions and the application of methodologies, forms of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and research communications and publications. They combine the theoretical and the practical, and they emphasize experiential learning. In the Research Practice subject area, students do not just gain knowledge and skills in their discipline; they develop an understanding of how knowledge is created and applied across the university.

The ResPrc Faculty Advisory Board welcomes submissions for the creation of new Research Practice Courses.

Research Practice courses should align with one or more of the following general goals:

  1. Students will gain knowledge of the practice of research
  2. Students will gain knowledge about research communication and publication
  3. Students will gain knowledge of designing research questions, methodologies, analysis, and research ethics
  4. Students will engage in mentorship, collaboration, and/or teamwork, gaining knowledge and skills that support entry and persistence in research
  5. Students will explore academic fields of study and graduate school and career possibilities

For sample syllabi please reach out to Dr. Tama Hasson

Please follow this submission rubric for instructions.