The Research Practice (RES PRC) subject area includes interdisciplinary courses in the practice of research. Hosted by the Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences and the Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Research Practice courses cover the development of research questions and the application of methodologies, as well as forms of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and research communications and publications. The courses combine the theoretical and the practical, and emphasize experiential learning. In the Research Practice subject area, students do not just gain knowledge and skills in their discipline; they also develop an understanding of how knowledge is created and applied across the university.

Research Practice courses expand on important skills for success in research, and also explore how research skills integrate into a variety of careers. Research Practice courses are not associated with one department; students in any major can enroll. Some courses are associated with a research, journal, or scholarship program, and so acceptance into that program is required to receive a PTE to join the class. Other courses have an open enrollment.

Need help getting course credit for off-campus research during the academic year or summer?  We can help with that too as we offer RES PRC 99 and RES PRC 195.

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